BotCon 97 was the most awesome convention that I've ever been to. There was never a dull moment. If I wasn't talking to Stan Bush, I'd be chatting with fellow AOL arksters or getting an autograph from Peter Cullen. Any and all Transfans should go to at least one BotCon convention in their life. There's nothing else quite like it. For a little info on the BotCon 97 CD exclusive, go to the Til All Are One page.

Sadly, I wasn't able to attend BotCon 98 but I ordered some of the merchandise.  One of my personal favorites is the CD set of last years BotCon concert.  For details on this CD set, check out my BotCon 97 Concert CD page

If you weren't able to attended BotCon 98 or other previous BotCon's, but you'd still like to get your hands on some of the souvenirs and exclusive merchandise, go to the BotCon Exclusives page for info and links.