Beast Wars
Best Songs Special
For The Dream single
Songs Best
War! War! Stop It! single

Beast Wars Metals
Ano Yume no Kanata e single
Sennen no Soldier single
Tamashi no Evolution single

Beast Wars 2
Cyber Music Original Soundtrack
Get My Future single
Hyper Music Origianl Soundtrack
Super Voyager single
Yume no Iru Basho single

Beast Wars Special
Hajimari no Uta single
Space Dreamer single
Strongest Music Collection

Beast Wars Neo
Love For Ever single
Te no Naka no Uchu single

Transformers Adventure
Save The Future single

Transformers Animated
Axel Transformers single
Transformers Evo single

Transformers Car Robots
Hono no Overdrive single
Marionette single
Original Soundtrack

Transformers Galaxy Force
Call You...Kimi to Boku no Mirai single
Ignition! single
Sound Pack Volume 1
Sound Pack Volume 2

Transformers Micron Legend
Dream Again single
Dream Again / Never Ending Road single
Kotetsu no Yuki single
Never Ending Road single
Sound of Evolution Volume 1
Sound of Evolution Volume 2

Transformers Prime
Music From The Animated Series Season 1

Transformers Super Link
Calling You single
Original Soundtrack

Transformers The Movie
Sountrack (20th Anniversary)
Sountrack (Intrada)
Soundtrack (Japanese, 1989)
Soundtrack (Japanese, 2005)
Soundtrack (signed by Cullen, Bush and Burns)

Transformers (miscellaneous)
Artisic Transformations
BotCon 1997 - The Concert
Lighting Their Darkest Hour
Protoform Sessions
Til All Are One
Til All Are One (signed by DiCola and Bush)
Transformers - History Of Music
Transformers - Song Masterpiece
Transformers - Song Universe
Transformers - Theme Song Collection