opmagsex.wav 561KB Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus having sex. Sick but funny :-)  Made by RaveStrike

1stopen.zip 504KB Season 1 intro
1stend.zip 822KB Season 1 outro (also used for season 2)
2ndopen.zip 521KB Season 2 intro
3rdopen.zip 644KB Season 3 and 4 intro
3rdend.zip 959KB Season 3 and 4 outro

dare.mid 42KB Dare by Stan Bush
daretobe.mid 56KB Dare To Be Stupid by Weird Al Yankovic (1)
primedie.mid 8KB Death Of Optimus Prime by Vince DiCola
tfmovie.mid 11KB Transformers by Lion
unicron.mid 8KB Unicron's Theme by Vince DiCola
tfend.mid 6KB Season 1 / 2 outro (1)
tf1end.mid 7KB Season 1 / 2 outro (2)
tformer.mid 8KB Season 1 / 2 outro (3)
tf2.mid 14KB Original season 2 intro
victory2.mid 7KB Victory intro
tfscene.mid 1KB TF scene change
another.mid 5KB Season 1 intro (?)
backroundmusic.mid 19KB Background music from Auto-Bop and possibly other eps
bwwest.mid 4KB BW western music from Coming Of The Fuzors
citybattle.mid 3KB Autobot/Decepticon Battle by Vince DiCola
dinobotsdeath.mid 2KB Dinobots death music from Code Of Hero
nothingsgonnastandino.mid 37KB Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way by Spectre General
stupid.mid 49KB Dare To Be Stupid by Weird Al Yankovic (2)
tfmix.mid 21KB ?