Til All Are One front cover
Here you will find the entire list of songs on this really awesome CD so brilliantly put together by the organizers of BotCon 97 (John and Karl Hartman and Glen Hallit). This CD was previously sold out but is available once again for purchase through the Hartman's. It was rereleased with an updated CD insert cover which provides updated titles for some of the track of the TFTM music score.  I'd like to personally and publically thank the Hartman's and Mr. Hallit for putting together what I consider to be the most memorable experience of my life. Thanks guys for helping to keep the Transformers alive!

Disk 1: Call To Action

1. The Touch (1997 Remix)
2. Never Surrender
3. Hold Your Head Up High
4. Straight To The Top
5. Dare (1997 Remix)
6. Critical Mass
7. Ground Zero (BotCon Theme)
8. Capture The Dream
9. Total Surrender
10. Highest Calling

Disc 2: TFTM music score

1. Unicron's Theme - This is the very beginning of the movie
2. TF:TM Main Title (Alternate) - Sung by Stan Bush. Wasn't in the movie. It was intended to be in the movie but I guess Hasbro got Lion to do the theme instead.
3. 2005 - "It is the year 2005....."
4. "More Luck Than You Imagine" - The title says it all
5. Attack On The Shuttle - This was meant to be the music for when Megatron leads an attack on the Autobot shuttle piloted by Ratchet, Prowl, Brawn and Ironhide, but Instruments Of Destruction was used instead.
6. Gone Fishing - Hot Rod and Daniel fishing
7. City Under Siege - Megatron leads an all out assault on Autobot City on Earth
8. Showdown - Optimus vs. Megatron
9. Interlude I - Unicron watches his TV to discover that the matrix has been passed to Ultra Magnus
10. Contest For Leadership - The fight inside Astrotrain
11. Transformation - Unicron and Megatron meet. This is where Megatron get transformed into Galvatron
12. Coronation - Starscream's coronation
13. Destruction Of The Moons - Unicron crunches moons like Mike Tyson crunches ears
14. Pursuit - Galvatron pursues the Autobots and destroys their space ship
15. Arrival On Junk - Autobots crash land on Junkion (or as it is called in the movie, the planet of junk)
16. Unwelcome Visitors - The Junkions don't take to well to visitors
17. Interlude II
18. An Unexpected Friend - Wheelie joins the Autobots
19. Interlude III - Galvatron asks Unicron why he tortured him
20. The Matrix Survives - Galvatron learns that the Matrix has not been destroyed
21. Ambush - Ambushed on Junkion by the Decepticons
22. Another Leader Dies - Ultra Magnus dies (sort of)
23. Rescue
24. All Hope Is Lost - Autobots grieve over the loss of the matrix
25. Unusual Allies
26. The Enemy Revealed - Unicron reveals that he is a transformer
27. Seizure - Hot Rod and Galvatron fight inside Unicron
28. United Against The Enemy - Autobots, Decepticons, and Junkions united to fight Unicron
29. In The Belly Of The Monster - The Autobots and Daniel fight for their lives inside Unicron
30. Their Darkest Hour
31. Legacy - This never made the movie. This was the song that got Vince DiCola hired to do the music score for TFTM, but this song was dropped after he got hired.