Information resources
BotCon Online The official page of the all time best TF convention on the planet....BotCon!  Every TF fan should attend at least one in their lifetime.
Zobovor's Multi-Faceted Transformers Site The page of the trivia master, Zobovor. All sorts of cool info on this page.
BigBot Its BigBot, need I say more?
Ben Yee's Beast Wars Page Everything you always wanted to know about Beast Wars but was afraid to ask :-)
Bob Skir's Beast Machines Page The page belonging to one of the BM writers, Bob Skir. There's info, pics, etc.
The Unofficial Beast Machines Page Info, rumors, pics, episode summaries, etc all pertaining to the BM line.
Dave's Beast Wars Transformers Page Great site with lots of info on Beast Wars and other stuff
Rob's Transformers Page Info on all the different TF toy lines and cartoon shows and MUCH more. Also, the host of the annual Trannie awards (just like the Grammy's but for TF fans :-)
The Transformers Online Encyclopedia Info on the US, UK, and Japan comic and cartoon continuities
Transformers Laserdisc Page
Transforce The biggest British Transformers site on the net
The Realm Of Pylon: Victory Dedicated to the Japanese Victory series

Pictures, sounds and other multimedia

The Transformers Archive Great site full of pics, sounds, and movies.
Transfans Another great site full of pics, sounds, and movies
Prototype TF's and all other toy lines Nice page full of pictures of rare TF toys as well as many other toy lines from the 70's, 80's and 90's. This page is updated daily so there'll always be something new to check out!!!!
MEGATRON23's Home Page Every wonder what it would be like if Transfans owned Hasbro? Well, the Weeter has some ideas. Check them out!!!
Ultra Magnus' Transformer page
Enter The Transformers SuperHighway
Rodimus Prime's Database Has images, art, full episodes, and other downloads
Greg Gaub's Transformers Page Creator of the fan spec database, fan code generator, the spinning logos, the TF e-cards,. and the Cybertronian Conference TF mailing list.

Fanfiction/Fan Art

FlameStrikes Lair Go to this page for some fanfics and pictures of the characters made up for these fanfics.
Dan's Robot Art Unbelievable TF artwork made by Dan "The Art Guy" Khanna
Transformers Underground Mucho fanfiction with alot of it picking up where the US Generation 1 cartoon left off
Phantom's Fanfic Archive My wife's fanfic site
Beyond The Beast Wars Ever have any ideas of what COULD have happened if Beast Wars hadn't ended? Well, here's one continuity.

Sales pages

Snarl's Homepage The homepage of, without a doubt, the best TF trader that I know. Here you will find a complete listing of everything he has for sale. His prices are extremely reasonable and you won't find a better selection anywhere else!!!!
BAD BOY TOYZ Have you been a bad little boy? Here's the only place on the net where you can get toys even if you've been bad hehehe!
Rugby Starbase
Transformers Sticker Restoration Home Page Looking to revive the appearance of your worn out TF's?  Purchase a sticker kit
Welcome to R.obots I.n D.isguise Get custom made TF T-shirts here
Yellow Monster Collectibles
DMamer4442's Homepage
R.I.D. Robots In Disguise Another large selection of TF shirts. They also have TF and BW figures for sale. Has TF shirts as well as many other 80's cartoon shirts such as Thundercats, He-man, She-ra, GI Joe, Smurfs, Voltron, etc.


WELCOME TO PFUNKPEARL'S TRANSFORMER WEB SITE PFunk, the most ingenius AVI / MOV creater I know. If you go to this page and have any mental breakdowns, be sure to visit Talkulon for a little therapy, BWAHAHAHA!
Overlord Cykill's Webpage Of Mass Destruction One of the only Gobots page's on the Net with info and pics. Check it out!!
Onyx Primal's TF Game Page This page is dedicated to the more rarer side of TF such as the famicom TF game and other cool fan made TF games. If you want to find out more, click on the link.
Ravages Domain Click here to enter the insane world of my buddy, Ravage! Once you enter, you will never leave the same!
Infernal20's Home Page I met this guy in the ark a few times and he seems cool so check out the home page behind the man.
Efem's Realm Real nice girl from IRC who wonders what a Daniel/Arcee sex session would be like.....just kidding :-)
Joe's Cool Page
Transfans ICQ List
Transformers: World's Worst
Trans-Talk On The Orbital Transformers talk radio hosted by the Nixtr
Radio Free Cybertron Transformers talk radio hosted by Brian Kilby