Well guys, just wanted to quickly mention that I haven't died and am in the process of resigning the site (or at least updating it to some extent). My family (especially my 10 month old son) and job have been taking up alot of my time and effort. I did happen to update the sales page with new cartoon stuff that I have available (some even available on DVD now). If something isn't listed there, feel free to e-mail me anyway as I may be able to get it or help you find someone else to get it from. Once again, I can't stress enough how much it means to me that still to this day I am receiving e-mails from fans of my site despite its lack of updates. I love hearing all of your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming!! If all goes well, I may be able to start updating more regularly with help from another Transfan (who shall remain nameless until we solidify an arrangement). If there is anything in particular you'd like to see on my site, feel free to suggest it.......you know that I love the rare and unusual :-) Well, that's it for now.

Til All Are One,
Jimmy "Rockman" Annacone
Well, sorry to say but money has become a bit tight so I've had to remove some files to free up the extra webspace I was paying for on my site. I tried to keep all the files that seemed to be popular (judging by the statistics reports from Yahoo). I can't say this enough but I appreciate all the support I've gotten over the course of the past 5 years (can you believe its been that long). It really means alot to me and without you guys, my site would've died long ago. Kudos go out to you all :-) Rest assured that if the money issue passes, those files will be right back up on my server once again. Thanks again for the support and keep those e-mails coming. I love reading your opinions (especially when its positive ones hahaha)
Added some video cover scans to the Picture Archive. Also, for you fanfic lovers, my wife has recently uploaded her files to my server. Alot of her stories deal with mature situations so please do not view this page if you find adult circumstances that are worthy of an NC-17 rating offensive in any way. With all that said, here is the link (it will open its own window). Phantom's Adult Fanfic Archive
Due to a slight problem beyond my control, I had to remove the MPEG versions of my commercials in the Movie Archive and replace them with smaller sized Real Media versions.
Trying something different. I added a few episodes for download. They are the first 2 eps from the Beast Wars series. This is a test to see how well my bandwidth holds up (and to see if I get any hate letters from Yahoo :-P). Keep in mind that I have a limited bandwidth so if you go download crazy all at once, you're not only screwing me but you're screwing other people who are wanting to get these files also so please only download 1 file at a time....otherwise, I may be forced to remove them by Yahoo and the priviledge of downloading eps from my site will be taken away. If all goes well, I will post random eps periodically. Each ep should be up at least a week or 2 so get them while you can. Credit for these eps goes to Brendan Reilly from the Transformers Archive. Well, without further ado, scoot on over to the movie archive. If anyone is looking for any particular eps from ANY generation of TF, you can also check out the #Transformers channel on IRC dalnet. Its the largest fserver for TF episodes on the net. Go to www.mirc.com to download the software. Thanks and enjoy :-)
Happy Halloween, everyone. Although be it a little uncharacteristic of my site, I have changed the background as a sign of my patiriotism to America and I strongly urge everyone to give blood when and where you can and to also keep in mind all the unfortunate people who have been affected by the tradegy of last month and are feeling the effects of the recent anthrax threat. United we stand and justice will prevail.
Got a few small additions to the Emulation page
Sorry for the lack of updates. I just got married on Oct. 19 and things got real crazy. It was a wonderful event and there's something I can mention now that made the event that much more special......the participation of Vince DiCola (yes THE Vince DiCola, master musician from Transformers The Movie). He made my wedding night one to remember and he is a very nice guy and it was an honor to work with him. It took alot of time and work to put it all together but when it was all said and done, it was well worth it. I'd like to thank Vince publicly for his efforts and would also like to extend a big thanks to Glen Hallit and the Hartmans who made it all possible.
Anyway, with that all said and done, look for more frequent updates now that I have the time to spare. I am presently going through all my HTML files and getting rid of outdated news and broken links. Thanks to everyone again for the continued support. All the nice e-mails I've received over the course of this year (despite the lack of updating) has been wonderful and is much appreciated. Kudos goes out to you all. :-)

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