BotCon 97 Guests

Peter Cullen
The voice of Optimus Prime and Ironhide! You may also recognize him as the narrator of MANY well known movie trailers.

Stan Bush
The master vocalist who brought us The Touch and Dare and all the great songs on disc 1 of the BotCon 97 CD exclusive! For info on purchasing Stan's solo albums, visit the LA Records page.

Vince DiCola
The master keyboard extraordinare who brought us ALL the music score that appeared in TFTM and on dics 2 of the BotCon 97 CD exclusive!

Bob Forward
One of the ingenius story writers behind Beast Wars!

David Kaye
The voice of BW Megatron! EXCELLENT!!! YES!!!!

Venus Terzo
The voice of Black Arachnia! In the show she's cute and coniving. In real life, she's just plain cute