Canadian Videos

Malofilm Videos
Autobots Vs Decepticons
The Ultimate Doom
War Of The Dinobots

Seville Videos
More Than Meets The Eye (NEW)
Transformers: The Movie DVD (NEW)

Malofilm Videos (French)
Autobots Vs Decepticons
L'Ultime Piege

Behaviour Distribution Videos (G2)
Dinobot Island
Rebirth: The Movie
Desertion Of The Dinobots
Megatron's Master Plan

Cannon/ECV Videos (French)
Les Transformers Partie 1
Les Transformers Partie 2
Les Transformers Partie 3

MCA Home Video Canada (French)
Return Of Optimus Prime

Alliance Videos
A Full Length Beasties Adventure
Beasties Escape
Warning From Space
Beast Wars 3 Pack
Optimus Lives
Beast Wars Classic Episodes (NEW)
Beast Wars Classic Episodes 2 (NEW)

Alliance Videos (French)
Une Aventure Cybernetique
Alerte Dans L'Espace
L'Empreinte D'Optimus