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Family Home Entertainment
The Ultiamte Doom
Divide And Conquer
Roll For It
Transport To Oblivion
Fire On The Mountain
Heavy Metal War
Courtesy of The Weeter
Countdown To Extinction
Transformers The Movie (FHE)
Five Faces Of Darkness
Return Of Optimus Prime

Transformers The Movie (Avid)

Kid Stuff
Satelite Of Doom/When Continents Collide

Prime Threat
Revenge Of The Decepticons
Programmed For Evil
The Key To Vector Sigma
Return To Cybertron
Evolution Revolution
The Return Of Optimus Prime
Evil Experiments
Grimlock The Hero
Megatron's Master Plan
The Decepticon Possession
Size Matters
Transformers (Blockbuster Exclusive)
Transformers The Movie
Transformers The Movie (Special Collector's Edition) (NEW)
Transformers The Movie DVD (NEW)

Beast Machines