OK, first off I'd like to thank you for reading this. My main objective ever since I started this site was to be as creative as possible and host the most unique content that no other TF website had. Fortunately even to this day, my site has managed to remain a site with unique content (comparative to other sites anyway). I have had a few run-ins with people who have not only stolen some of my content and not credited me......but have also had the gall to link directly to the files that were hosted on my server (and some even linked directly to the HTML files themselves). Basically, my main concern is to remain unique, hosting a multitude of things from fan art to fan multimedia to old TV commercials, etc......and avoid the mainstream side of it all which has about 1000 websites giving the same news info, hosting the same files, and some even ripping each other off for content and such. No offense to those that may apply too......I am not knocking it, I am simply saying its not me. Anyway, on to the proposition! I would like to invite a dedicated TF fan to offer his/her services to help maintain my site and keep it current. You can like whatever generation of TF provided that you are unbiased when it comes to content. I myself am a G1 fan and have hosted mostly G1 content which may or may not have hurt my site in the past but I am not necessarily against other generations (although I do have my likes and dislikes). Anyway, to avoid sounding too longwinded, the way this would work is that we would have to communicate over an instant message program (preferrably AIM or ICQ) and discuss what would be in the best interest on the site and we would work out some type of arrangement for you to gain access to the FTP to edit and upload the files. Please e-mail me at rockman666@tfrid.com if you are interested in this proposition and please include your AIM or ICQ info. Seriously inquiries only please. Thanks again for reading this.