A Graze in the Field

by Blackbird
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Tigatron walked through the underbrush. For now he was simply content to enjoy the peaceful setting of the hidden valley around him. He still remembered the day he found it. The peace and tranquility he felt. He also remembered the first time he brought Airazor here. The look of amazement and wonder on her face. To him, she was the only thing that could ever match, and even surpass, the beauty of nature.

Which brought him back to why he was walking through the underbrush. He had come here with Airazor about ten cycles ago. After about the first three, Airazor said she wanted to look around by herself for awhile. After a few more cycles Tigatron got a little anxious and decided to go look for her. He had picked up her scent and was following it when he had gotten side tracked. He shook his head and followed her sent again. When he stopped where her sent ended, he found only more underbrush. Something caught his ear though. It sounded like...water. He picked through some bushes and found a small lake fed by a waterfall. But that wasn't else found. He saw Airazor swimming in the lake; completely nude. Her armor laying next to the lake.

For a moment, Tigatron could only stare. He was mesmerized by Airazor's openness and beauty. Soon he became aware of a hardening between his legs. He shook his head, then quickly transformed to robot mode. That was an aspect of his beast mode not even he was ready to try out. Once he was fully transformed he went back to watching Airazor, who was now floating on her back-probably by using her flight system. Tigatron smiled as the afternoon sun reflected off her metal skin, particularly off her breasts. He groaned a bit as he felt his interface unit harden. He knew he had two choices: stay there and keep watching Airazor, or join her in the fun. He decided to go with the latter. He got up and quietly made his way through the bushes, praying she wouldn't hear him. Unfortunately, she did. She sank down into the water then came back up and smiled at him.

"I thought that was you," she said.

"Yes. And I see this is where you decided to run off to," he commented, smiling.

"Yeah. I saw this once when we were here before. Thought it would be nice to take an afternoon swim. Care to join?"

"I'd like nothing more my lady."

He took off hi cod-piece, then started towards the lake. Before he got there, he threw his armor next to Airazor's. He got into the lake and swam over to her. He put his arm around her and drew her close, then kissed her. He brought his hand up and stroked one of her breasts. She broke off the kiss and moaned as he thumbed her nipple. She grabbed his erect member and began to stroke it gently. Tigatron closed his optics and groaned, then leaned forward and kissed her again.

"Not here," he whispered into her audio.

"What?!" she asked, surprised.

"I don't take the chance of...contaminating the lake."

"Good point. There wouldn't be a problem doing it on dry land, though, would there?"

"None at all."

They floated there for a minute.

"Airazor, you have to let go," Tigatron said with a slight smirk.

"Oh, right, sorry."

Airazor let go of Tigatron's rod-somewhat embarrassed-then they swam back to the lake bed. When they got on dry land, Tigatron kissed her again, then, much to her surprise, broke the kiss and spun her around. He began kissing her neck and stroking her breasts. She moaned, then began to sink to her knees, figuring out exactly what he wanted to do. She brought her hands to his and guided them over her breasts some more then finally moved them to her sides as she got down on her hands as well. Tigatron smiled as he ran his hands down her sides and then over her rounded buttocks. He grabbed her hips and slowly moved into her. Once he was fully inside her, he began thrusting slowly, pulling out of her, then pushing back in. He began thrusting slowly at first, but gradually quickened his pace, letting his beast instincts kick in.

Airazor dug her hands into the ground to keep from slipping under Tigatron's maddening pace. She groaned with each trust he made and could feel the beginnings of a tremendous orgasm build up inside of her.

Tigatron grunted as he continued to thrust into Airazor like an animal in heat. He clinched his jaw as felt himself about to cum. He thrusted a few more times, then let lose with an ear pricing roar as he came inside of her, coating her insides with his fluids.

Tigatron's orgasm triggered Airazor's own as she let lose with an equally ear pricing scream, causing birds and other animals to fly, run, or scamper away from the mating couple.

They continued to ride their highs for as long as they could. When the effects of their orgasms wore off, Tigatron pulled his limb interface out of Airazor, then turned and fell to the ground-breathing heavily and completely exhausted. Airazor laid down next to him, turning on her side and wrapping her arm around his chest.

"That was amazing," she breathed.

"Indeed," he breathed back.

"So, should we get up?"

"No. This valley is well hidden. No one will find us here."


With that, Airazor closed her optics and slipped into recharge. Tigatron smiled at her, kissed her forehead, then set down for a nice recharge himself.


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