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I don't consider these stories to be truly pornographic, (well, alright, they are!) but I do feel that they need a rating. The stories in this site are NC-17 and deal with sexual topics. By clicking on the stories below, you, the reader, certify that you can handle this stuff, and have an interest in its content. Read on to see what the robots look like out of disguise, so to speak.

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rating system:
*=mildly descriptive
***=extremely graphic
+ (in addition)
o=oral sex
a=anal sex
n=non-consensual (but NO sadism)
r=rough sex
g=group sex
p=promiscuity (aren't they all?)

Elfie Finn created this lovely graphic
adult stories by me:
  • Phantom's Smut Confession what I'd do with Optimus Prime if I ever got my hands on him
  • Reunion the missing scene from "The Search for Alpha Trion, starring Optimus and Alita One
  • Solo Performance Alita One has died, so how will Prime deal with his lustful feelings for
    another woman?
  • A Warm Welcome Megatron has a special greeting for his new recruit
  • Debriefed Alita decides to liven up a boring meeting
  • Illusions Magnus finds an outlet for his feelings towards Optimus
  • Kissing Sisters Alita finds solace in Chromia's arms after the Ark disappears
  • Pleasures of the Flesh Optimus and Alita experiment with their human bodies
  • Bathing Beauty Phoenix spies on Ultra Magnus, who thinks he's all alone....
  • Token of Affection Deathangel brings Megatron an unusual gift
  • Precious Things ch. 6 (alternate) Alita finds a little surprise in the packet Optimus gave her
    before she left on her suicide mission... a photo of him naked on a bearskin rug
    This fic has had the dubious honor of being MSTed by Nightbreak, which was nominated for a Mally award.
  • Happily Ever After Alita and Optimus tie the knot in style
  • Perceptions Perceptor feels phantom hands caressing him in the middle of giving a report...
    yet there's nobody there
  • Sweet Surrender Optimus is interrogated in a most unusual manner
  • Taking the Plunge Magnus goes au naturel in the woods
  • Splish Splash Springer comes home to some wet fun
  • Burst Will Optimus make it to the waste extractor in time, or will he wet himself? (WARNING: watersports)
  • Steam Megatron and Starscream have some steamy fun
  • Slippery When Wet Optimus soaps up with a hot mech
  • Where No Bot Has Gone Before who could stomach this couple??
  • Sex, Lies, and the Autobot Leader Optimus lets his hair down, so to speak ;)
  • The Flip Side Optimus gets a taste of what it's like to be a member of the fairer sex
  • Higher Power Optimus develops guilty feelings for a forbidden mech
  • Payback RID Ultra Magnus gets even with his brother
  • Guilty Pleasures A virus allows Optimus and Rodimus to be together in a way they've always wanted
  • Red Hot Red Alert and Inferno ease each other's loneliness
  • Consummation After two years of dating, Optimus Prime is finally ready for an intimate relationship with Andromeda
  • A Little Fun Among FriendsOptimus, Rodimus, Andromeda and Nova explore their rather tangled sexual relationships
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    by other authors:

    by V.H. Dova:

  • Jade "Jade" confronts her changed body and her feelings for Skywarp
    by Arcee-chan:
  • The Depths of Passion DepthCharge's fury turns to lust
    by LoneWolf:
  • BiMaximals Lust and the scent of mint waft through the Maximal base

    by Jade

  • Just a Few Drinks Optimus gets reacquainted with an old lover
  • Savage Actions BlackArachnia encounters a knight in white armor
  • Study Break Perceptor runs a special experiment of his own
  • Explosive Results two scientists cook up a special experiment
  • The Birds and the Bees Bumblebee tests his mettle as a new recruit

    by Clarity:

  • Prime Wash
    Carly gives Prime a wash, which only makes him hotter
  • Megatron's 'Changes'
    a potential weapon turns against Megatron in an embarrassing way

    by E. Nigma:

  • Night Shift Aiko sets her sights on Ultra Magnus
  • The Second Night Aiko and Magnus continue their fun with a new participant
  • First Contact Prime loses his virginity in a burst of light
  • Bestial Desires Deathangel acts out her wild impulses with a surprising partner
  • Double Double Toil and Trouble Phoenix and Aiko welcome Ultra Magnus home
  • Enemy Arms Magnus, stripped and shackled, at the mercy of 'Con femmes
  • Past Acquaintances Magnus receives a big surprise for his promotion (sequel to Enemy Arms)
  • Aftershocks
    Optimus and Magnus feel the effects of the previous night (sequel to Past Acquaintances)
  • Night Music Optimus and Aiko enjoy their date (excerpt from The Death of Elita One)
  • Fantasy in Blue
    Magnus lives out his fantasies with a hologram (ties in with The Death of Elita One)
  • One Last Fling Magnus says a special goodbye to his friend
  • Iron Man Ironhide regrets neglecting Chromia
  • First Time Jitters Prime's daughter explores her sexuality
  • Masquerade Elita encounters a dashing stranger
  • New Recruit Kup helps a new femme adjust to her new post
  • Synth Soundwave goes to great lengths to save his love
  • Primal Urges Optimus Primal feels those organic urges

    by Blackbird:

  • Dream Woman A young maximal works out his sexual frustrations
  • A Graze in the Field Tigertron and Airrazor enjoy the wildlife
  • Killing Time It's business before pleasure for Nightfox, but how will Blackbird deal with it?
  • Midnight Meeting Blackbird's libido gets the better of him, with delicious results
  • Strange Love Airrazor's feelings for her teammate have an unexpected payoff
  • A Pleasant Surprise A voyeuristic Predacon finds his fantasies coming true
  • Survival Stranded in the middle of the storm, what will these two Maximals do to survive?
  • Two Cats and a Bird Cheetor falls prey to a hungry bird's appetite
  • After the Battle Nightfox finds a way to relieve Blackbird's post-battle tension
  • Life's a Beach Cheetor has a turbulent encounter during a raging storm
  • Return to the Beach Cheetor has further exciting adventures
  • Ruffling the Feathers Blackbird ruffles more than his feathers to release some tension
  • Ruffling More Feathers Blackbird performs for a willing audience
  • Hidden Desires Blackbird finds out that he has an unlikely admirer
  • Call of the Wild Tigertron finds that his beast mode is more than meets the eye

    by Phoenix:

  • Burning Desires Optimus pops in for a quickie
  • Decisions part 5 special edition a sexy version of Decisions chapter 5; read the entire (non-smut) fic on Lexicon here
  • Lazy Days Springer and Arcee depart for their honeymoon
  • Games of the Gods Springer and Arcee experiment on their honeymoon (sequel to Lazy Days)
  • Moving Moments a limo ride puts Springer and Arcee in a playful mood
  • Short and Sweet yet another 'on the desk' fic... with a twist
  • Frailties excerpt As humans, Springer helps Arcee with her amnesia
  • Close Encounters Magnus has a sister who's turning heads
  • Morning Madness Arcee's in a frisky mood... so why is Springer so anxious?
  • Satisfaction Arcee needs Springer's attention...NOW
  • Girls Night Out ever wonder what the girls say behind their mates' back?
  • Short Surprises Where can a horny couple find privacy to interface?
  • Eyes Wide Shut Optimus gets off on someone's dirty little secret (sequel to Short Surprises)
  • First Steps a young Springer finds his attention rivited on an alluring femme

    by Springer:

  • The Fire in Us All Phoenix decides to spice up her sex life with Magnus
  • Forbidden Desires Phoenix starts checking out some forbidden metal
  • Old Friends Magnus encounters an old flame that taught him the moves
  • Hot Stuff Phoenix and Magnus play dirty in the sack
  • She's a Maniac Phoenix entertains her lover at a briefing
  • A Taste of Heaven Phoenix celebrates Valentine's Day
  • The Night is Young Pregnancy isn't so bad after all
  • Nerves of Steel Magnus suffers from neglect during Phoenix's pregnancy
  • Burdens of Parenthood Phoenix and Magnus snatch a moment alone
  • Normalty Sets In Magnus and Phoenix get reacquainted as life calms down
  • Of Magnus and Men Magnus, bound and human, at the mercy of a sexy woman
  • The More the Merrier Magnus has his hands full
  • A Pleasant Surprise Magnus encounters a mysterious femme
  • Savage Release Blade torments Magnus with a few kinky toys
  • Alone in the Dark Blade drowns her problems in sex
  • Revelations Blade turns to Magnus for comfort
  • Seductions Blade rejects the finer points of dating
  • Starting Over Blade waits for her lover to come back to her
  • Revelations and Expectations Blade finds love from an unexpected source
  • A Moment in Time Deathangel grills a promising student
  • Passionate Rewards Deathangel works out her aggression
  • Hail the Conquering Hero Deathangel feels suddenly drained of energy
  • First Times Star Ruby learns the ways of lovemaking
  • Two of a Kind Star Ruby raises Megatron's spirits
  • More Office Antics Star Ruby and Megatron ease their tension
  • Second Time Around special edition Rodania tells Rodimus off
  • Escape to Lookout Mountain Rodimus finds a chance to relax
  • New Beginnings Story Arc Part 1: Will You Be Mine? Rodimus has something very important to ask Rodania
  • Roddy's Sojourn Roddy takes a vacation with Silhouette
  • A New Beginning Springer tests out his new power with Arcee

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  • Top Ten Signs That Your Girlfriend Doesn't Understand Your Transformers
  • Only Human hidden meaning
  • Transformers Reproduction Method List 1.0
  • Waspinator and Butt-Head
  • NaughtyRobot The quintessential homewrecker
  • TF:TM Sexually Slanted Lines
  • Top 10 TF Erotic Lines
  • Return of the TF Pickup Lines

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    tasteful erotic works in Castellano, French and English
  • Gallery of Perversion how could plastic figures get up to so much mischief?
  • Starscream's secret has this 'Con been hiding something? (don't know who drew it)
  • Steam yeah, it's not in a shower, but still! (pic by Razormoon)
  • Optimus and Megatron square off
    check out those codpieces... and people say they are asexual beings :P
  • Dirk Dinobot Dinobot as a sexy pinup (pic by HooksX)
  • Slippery When Wet soap up with these studs (pic by Jade)
  • Drunk Megatron taken from A Day in the Decepticon Camp #1 (by Jive)
  • Interesting Camera Angle taken from A Day in the Decepticon Camp #2 (by Jive)
  • Cross-dressing Optimus A pic, most likely taken from Gundam Wing, of how Optimus might look as a femme (goes well with The Flip Side)
    Exclusive to this archive (do not repost without permission!):
  • Embrace From Behind Optimus and Rodimus share an affectionate moment (pic by Jive)
  • Mounting The Autobot co-leaders in a very compromising position (pic by Jive)
  • Oral Action Rodimus demonstrates his skills in the oral arts (pic by Jive)
  • Triple Threat The Decepticon Seekers unwind (pic by Jive)
  • Two-On-OneStarscream gets some not-so-tender loving (pic by Jive)

    Smut Sounds Note: I got these sound files from friends, I don't know who originally compiled or recorded them

  • Optimus/Magnus Optimus and Magnus get it ON! :D (credit goes to RaveStrike)
  • Yessss! BW Megatron is horny, yessss....
  • horny Magnus Magnus gets rather desperate
  • Seven of Nine Seven of Nine explores her sexuality
  • Treklove Kirk and Spock go where no man has gone before

    credit goes to Jade for the excellent pic

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